Saturday, 13 May 2017

The boy with the drowning pool eyes

If there is one thing i love in life it is the beach, the sound and smell of the ocean comfort me. The feel of it rejuvenates my mind and cleanses my senses. If i could i would leave where i am and reside there forever. So an hour away from the Durban seaside? I find refuge in the dry, humid depths of Pietermaritzburg. On the one day i decide to venture beyond the yard i find a jewel among jewels. I walked into this jewel as I wandered up Church Street aimlessly trying to find amusement. Right on the corner of Temple and Church Street sat my demi-god, clad in black CONVERSE, black skinny jeans, a black PARAMORE t-shirt and a black hoodie. His black hair had blue tips and his bangs hovered moodily over his eyes. He was carrying a blue electric guitar and strumming one of my favourite tunes "The Only Exception" by PARAMORE, I swear I fell in love at that moment. His angelic voice was sultry and made me feel enchanted, I stepped up to him and just gaped as our eyes connected, my chocolatey orbs drowned in his sea-green orbs and I felt like I had arrived home. As he continued to sing, I could feel the breath being pulled out of my lungs. Whenever I hit those low stumps in life and the darkness takes over me, I just think of those gorgeous sea-green orbs and I see a little glimmer of hope, a little white light penetrates the darkness and I don't feel so alone as I let myself drown in his pool of emotions for they are not my own. I let myself go as they take me on a whirlwind romance, seducing me and finding me, helping me discover myself. Among all the things I've been through, drowning has been the best.

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