Thursday, 16 April 2015

Oh! Sweet heartbreaking love

Yesterday my friend asked me what was upsetting me so much. I told him how I dated this really nice guy for about 2 months and I thought things were going fine until a few weeks ago when he just told me he needs time to himself. It was like being kicked in the heart. He suprisingly understood how messed up it really was and he claimed it was the first time he ever heard a guy saying he needed space. It turns out his ex-girlfriend just wanted to sleep with him and after several refusals he gave in and she then dumped him. I for one had never heard a guy say its too early in a relationship to have sex.                                                                                             He told me that, "Some people look for someone to sleep with. Some people look for someone to wake up to" .
Its fascinating how the roles have changed, the men want committment and the women want it casual.

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