Thursday, 16 April 2015

Dressing on lazy days

Have you ever woken up on a late morning and wished you could just lay in bed and snuggle with you teddybear and consume tons of hot chocolate? For two straight years that was my life every morning of every day, I would skulk to school in sweatpants and walk around like a zombie till i got back to bed. This all changed when I attended the Durban July and saw people dressed in all sorts of outrageous outfits. That's when I realised that in order to be fashionable i do not need to dress like everyone else, i just needed to dress myself in a way that expresses what i feel inside and makes me comfortable. Naturally #Black is my happy colour so i wear that most times. So on days like these i would just keep it simple and dress in a pair of black stockings, a simple black dress, a red belt, a red chunky necklace, a paiir of black 3" pumps and a navy boyfriend blazer if its chilly outside. So you can pick whatever your happy colour is and work with it and go with your instincts but if they are a bit too extreme do tone it down a little. P.S. please do let me know if this helped you by emailing me at

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