Thursday, 16 April 2015

Oh! Sweet heartbreaking love

Yesterday my friend asked me what was upsetting me so much. I told him how I dated this really nice guy for about 2 months and I thought things were going fine until a few weeks ago when he just told me he needs time to himself. It was like being kicked in the heart. He suprisingly understood how messed up it really was and he claimed it was the first time he ever heard a guy saying he needed space. It turns out his ex-girlfriend just wanted to sleep with him and after several refusals he gave in and she then dumped him. I for one had never heard a guy say its too early in a relationship to have sex.                                                                                             He told me that, "Some people look for someone to sleep with. Some people look for someone to wake up to" .
Its fascinating how the roles have changed, the men want committment and the women want it casual.

Shoes!!! Shoes!!! Shoes!!! and confidence.

In high school i was a tomboy,i wore pants and baggy tshirts. the way i dressed was comfortable and it suited the persona i was potraying.
When i got to university i stepped into my first pair of high heels. i must admit i was a bit scared since i had never worn heels before. that particular pair of heels was black and four inches tall. as i wobbled towards the full length mirror i kept telling my roommate what a mistake this was until i gazed at myself on that mirror. 
My legs looked leaner, my body looked longer and more toned, my butt looked like i had gotten a major procedure done. I actually looked like a woman for the first time in years, I stood tall and with a confidence I had never known I possessed.
So I encourage you to go and try on a pair, but start small, if you've never worn heels before start off with a two inch wedge and then work from there onwards.

Plus size

I am a lover of all things artistic, I love fashion and Isee it as an artform and a way for people to express themselves. I like nature and meeting new people, traveling and experiencing new things.

 I am a photography student and that is how I fell inlove with fashion, modeling and helping other people. I never imagined being a model but about two years ago I helped a frriend out by posing for him on a project he was doing, he then suggested I try out modeling.

 After a while I found out that people related to me because I'mnot your usual model type, my sense of style is alternative and I'm on the plus sized side. So now I try to use my image to help others break out of their shells.

What is safety in this country?

During the december holidays I visited my aunt in East London. She lives in one of those fancy apartment complexes in Southernwood Square. Whenever I need to go buy things at the shop I leave the safety and security of the complex and venture into the streets of Southernwood. When you go towards the BP shopping complex then you are still safe to some extent? because there are legitimate businesses there and they don't like people messing with their businesses. When you go down the street towards where the shebeens are then you should probably bring a few bodyguards along? because that is where your safety ends. People over there are too high on drugs or drunnnk on alcohol to care about anything. They do anything they can to get some money? anything includes robbery and murder, everyday of every week. Last week I was walking down there and a group of guys came up to me and tried to chat me up, I felt unsafe so I wasn't comfortable, the other guys didn't persist and walk off. One guy decided to brave it and grabbed my butt, as much as I felt violated I had to retaliale and I kicked him in the junk. I couldn't just let that happen to me and not do something. I believe these guys are ignorant and need to be schooled in the art of treating other human beings. So i don't know how people who live there survive, i'd probably have to learn judo and sort some ghetto rats out. On a more serious note I don't know how to deal with danger, so I would suggest some pepper spray and a few self defence lessons especially for the ladies and that advice is for every female out there. Keep it safe out there.

Dressing on lazy days

Have you ever woken up on a late morning and wished you could just lay in bed and snuggle with you teddybear and consume tons of hot chocolate? For two straight years that was my life every morning of every day, I would skulk to school in sweatpants and walk around like a zombie till i got back to bed. This all changed when I attended the Durban July and saw people dressed in all sorts of outrageous outfits. That's when I realised that in order to be fashionable i do not need to dress like everyone else, i just needed to dress myself in a way that expresses what i feel inside and makes me comfortable. Naturally #Black is my happy colour so i wear that most times. So on days like these i would just keep it simple and dress in a pair of black stockings, a simple black dress, a red belt, a red chunky necklace, a paiir of black 3" pumps and a navy boyfriend blazer if its chilly outside. So you can pick whatever your happy colour is and work with it and go with your instincts but if they are a bit too extreme do tone it down a little. P.S. please do let me know if this helped you by emailing me at

A journey over the edge

Have you ever lost yourself? Lost everything and people around you don't even notice? that happened to me, its actually happening to me now. In the short time span I've been on this earth I've been through more than I'd ever admit. A long time ago I knew what happiness was, going about life with very little care in the world. Then one day it all got torn away. Each day I wake up not sure of myself, I seek comfort in the unconventional. For most of my teenage years I cried myself to sleep, withdrew into a shell I never knew I possessed. When I turned 14 I discovered poetry, so I let my soul bleed over the page as the ink became my tears. My words scar those with pure minds, break the hearts of the compassionate and still I'm scarred for life. When I turned 16 I accidentally found comfort in a razor blade, I knew it was wrong but I was under the illusion that as the blood seeped through, so did my troubles. I stopped cutting at 18 and I've never needed a razor again. I'm still stuck in my shell and I find comfort in the darkness and in music, I still have hope that I will eventually heal, my heart will stop being scarred and so will my mentality. Hoping I'll go back to enjoying life to the fullest. All I can do is take it one day at a time and take things as they come. People may not understand but if they let me figure it out then maybe they just might be able to help me. At the moment I'm fine on my own even though i sound stubborn and ungrateful. I don't want to lose myself again, because I haven't found all of myself yet,but when I do I will make my way back to people.

Fashion through my eyes

Fashion through my eyes. Written by Storm Sitonga Fashion is an art form, and most times fashion is greater than what we mere humans can think of or imagine, it is greater than all other things created by man. It is not about utility, it is an extension of a person's personality and expresses individuality. Fashion gives us some of the greatest artists of the century and what they create is greater than art, because people live their daily lives in it. It is a shiny beacon of hope for those whose talent transcends the minds of the ordinary, it is a source of inspiration to billions, it gives people something work towards and gives them reason to better themselves, and yet people don't even care even though their lives would most likely be insignificant and dull without it.

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