Sunday, 1 February 2015

Wander Boy

" Free chains runaway on trains. I painted this picture hoping it would turn to reality." Bobby Raffin

Stylist, fashionista, trendsetter, innovator, dreamer, inspiration, beautiful these are all words that come to mind whenever i'm asked about this man who is more than a man to me.

Bobby Raffin is a true artist, he doesn't just create art to be admired but he lives in his art. He studies Fashion Arts in Canada, he is passionate about sharing his imagination with the world.

I can't remember where I first ran into his profile online but from then on I have followed him on every social network I have.
His style inspires me, his passion and creativity drive me to be a better artist.

" Creating my visions and turning them into reality is the adrenaline that keeps me alive."

Bobby believes fashion is like food, he cannot go a day without it. He is in love with the way Canada is green, he loves all fashion styles especially vintage and rocker's edge. His mother is his greatest inspiration because she taught so man things.

His style is inspired by childhood memories, fragmented dreams, fairy tales and the circus. 

I'm looking forward to the bright future he has in store for him. Visit his blog: or email him

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