Sunday, 1 February 2015

The 5 Foot nothing fairy

A goddess in all definitions of the word, Amary Manaka is a 20 something visionary artist who is passionate about creating wearable pieces of art. " I put my heart in my art and fill it with spirit. I try to infuse my work with the colourful spirit in which I live my life."

Manaka is more than a mere designer, she is inspiration to all people who are afraid to embrace their true selves. She shows us it is fabulous being yourself.

She walks this earth to inspire, encourage and plants seeds of love wherever she goes. Her passion to create inspires me to look for beauty in all things. Her creativity makes me yearn to be a better artist.

Her creations are extraordinary at the least. She is said to connect and expand love through her can creations. She believes in having a mind opened by wonder rather than one closed in belief.  She does not reason or compare in politics, she believes her business is to create.

Feel free to visit her Etsy shop and prepare to fall in love:

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