Wednesday, 28 January 2015



Fear fades fast
Love thaws out the scared and cold
With your heartbeat next to mine
We could be on fire

The scars of love remind me never to go to war
Watch the sun rise in your eyes from a distance
Avoid the moving of the earth in my hand
Like it was at my command
Wishing oie joybqould fill the earth

Terrified the beat has passed me by
Your attention shadowing me all the time
Falling in love then falling apart

Illusions take too long
And you make me sick
This makes you my equivalent
Making me feel like I belong
Bringing about such sorrow

I was lost till I heard the music of your heartbeat



I was lost and alone
On the battlefield of love
With no way to shield myself from the pain
Surrounded by fire wishing for rain

Living life trapped in the depths of my mind
With an ironcase surrounding my heart
Not being able to trust anyone
For too many times I'd been ripped apart

But you rescued me from the pain
Through the fire and after the rain
Tending to each emotional wound
While dusting off thatvold ironcase

Making right all the wrongs
Putting that quality glow back on my face

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Pearl Modiadie

Beauty, strength, ambition, courage, intelligence, driven, focused these are some of the words I would use to describe Ms. Modiadie, even though I so not know her personally I often find that I can look to her for inspiration and courage. Not only is she a media personality but she is also a role midel to thousands of young women in our country and our continent at large. She is a trend setting , edgy,fashion icon but she does not use her beauty to get free rides in life ( figuratively speaking) , she works hard for what she believes in and doesn't stop until she has achieved it. This is why she is one of the people I look up to in the industry. #WomenMakingItBigInTheMediaIndustry

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