Friday, 13 June 2014

The only exemptions to fashion are nudists.Written by Storm Sitonga

Some people may consider fashion as a way for eccentric people to make money and celebrities to look on the red carpet and stuff. The blatant disregard people have for fashion is shocking, I once spoke to a lady who said she doesn't follow fashion because she doesn't conform to society's views and limitations. I told her the clothes she was wearing were especially picked for her by the so called conformists she was running away from. She kept insisting she had nothing to do with fashion, she goes to her closet and selects clothing that tells the world that she doesn't care what she puts on her back, what she didn't know was that the clothing she wears is part of a billion dollar industry that spans throughout the entire world and creates millions of jobs. So as long as she wears clothing it still falls under fashion even though it may not be in style, she does not get an exemption from the fashion industry just because she thinks she takes herself too seriously to care about her clothing.

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