Monday, 2 June 2014

Let's talk Bohemian Fashion

"In a world of plastic and mass produced Chinese imports, Ohso Boho offers an alternative found in a range of homemade and handmade goods, created with a feeling of responsibility and care." Since the early 90s Bohemian fashion has taken over South Africa, at the beginning the expansion was slow and people tended to stay away from it. but nowadays those of us who are brave enough to embrace our free spirits have dived deep into the ocean of unknown to help us discover our selves and our place in the world. With Fashionistas from Botswana (The Khoi Fro and GaTsh fros) leading Africa into the world of fashion it is no suprise to find more Southern Africans embracing this sense of fashion. When we say BoHo we mean true expression of your innerself, an extention of your personality.

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