Friday, 13 June 2014

i’m tired of not feeling safe when I walk along some streets in Southernwood East London, just because there are guys out there that are trying to prove how manly they are.

During the December holidays I visited my aunt in East London. She lives in one of those fancy apartment complexes in Southernwood Square. Whenever I need to go buy things at the shop I leave the safety and security of the complex and venture into the streets of Southernwood. When you go towards the BP shopping complex then you are still safe to some extent? because there are legitimate businesses there and they don’t like people messing with their businesses. When you go down the street towards where the shebeens are then you should probably bring a few bodyguards along? because that is where your safety ends. People over there are too high on drugs or drunk on alcohol to care about anything. They do anything they can to get some money? anything includes robbery and murder, everyday of every week. Last week I was walking down there and a group of guys came up to me and tried to chat me up, I felt unsafe so I wasn’t comfortable, the other guys didn’t persist and walk off. One guy decided to brave it and grabbed my butt, as much as I felt violated I had to retaliate and I kicked him in the junk. I couldn’t just let that happen to me and not do something. I believe these guys are ignorant and need to be schooled in the art of treating other human beings. So i don’t know how people who live there survive, I’d probably have to learn judo and sort some ghetto rats out. On a more serious note I don’t know how to deal with danger, so I would suggest some pepper spray and a few self defense lessons especially for the ladies and that advice is for every female out there. Keep it safe out there. Read more:

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