Friday, 13 June 2014

Did you know that wearing a sexy, comfortable shoe can boost your confidence?

In high school i was a tomboy,i wore pants and baggy t-shirts. the way i dressed was comfortable and it suited the persona i was portraying. When i got to university i stepped into my first pair of high heels. i must admit i was a bit scared since i had never worn heels before. that particular pair of heels was black and four inches tall. as i wobbled towards the full length mirror i kept telling my roommate what a mistake this was until i gazed at myself on that mirror. My legs looked leaner, my body looked longer and more toned, my butt looked like i had gotten a major procedure done. I actually looked like a woman for the first time in years, I stood tall and with a confidence I had never known I possessed. So I encourage you to go and try on a pair, but start small, if you’ve never worn heels before start off with a two inch wedge and then work from there onwards. Read more:

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