Thursday, 3 August 2017

3 week update

Welcome back to my #ShineYourLightEveryday journey to clear, spot-free skin with the new Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot proofing range.

I have been using this range for 3 weeks and I have noticed a drastic reduction in the amount of pimples I had before I started, and the intensity of the spots left by past pimples has also decreased. When I do get a break out now, I have less spots appearing.

I couldn't be more impressed with the range.

My skin feels lighter, healthier, and my spots are almost non existent.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Neutrogena Visibly Clear spot proofing 2 in 1 wash-mask

The Neutrogena Visibly Clear spot proofing 2 in 1 wash-mask works with your skin to help clear spots and defend against new breakouts.

It can be used as a daily wash or smoothed on (in a thin layer) and left for 5 minutes as a mask, then thoroughly rinseed off.

As a daily wash it is an easy way to clean your skin, leaving it refreshed.

As a mask it opens up your pores, deeply cleansing them as soon as you put it on.

It isn't harsh on the skin, it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry, tight or oily. It has a subtle yet pleasent smell, and it leaves my feeling soft, light and refreshed.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Yummy Avo Pasta

When you're the only vegan in your family you have to be creative with the meals.

So tonight I came up with this yum avo pasta.

Ingredients :

Peppers, sliced
Greens, sliced
Olives, diced
Avo, diced
Carrots, sliced
Salt and pepper


Boil your pasta in salted boiling water, 10-15 minutes, then strain and set aside.

Heat oil in a pan, add chopped veggies and stir fry, 5-10 minutes, when cooked add strained pasta and stir.

Remove from heat, add half the diced avo and season with salt and pepper.

For the sauce : add the remaining diced avo into a container, add a dash of your favourite vinegar, season to taste, blend until desired consistency.

Drizzle over your dished pasta and enjoy.

Thank you for stopping by, if you decide to try this recipe out let me know how it goes either in the comments below or via social media.

What are your favourite vegan pasta dishes?

Love and good vibes always.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

One week update with the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing range.

Welcome back to my #ShineYourLightEveryday journey to clear, spot-free skin with the new Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot proofing range.

I have been using this range for 1 week and I've noticed the following differences in my skin: • After I use the daily wash, I can feel my pores opening up and my skin feels less heavy.
• When  using the smoothing scrub, I can feel it cleaning my pores, scrubbing away whatever impurities have accumulated in them, leaving my skin feeling fresh.
• The purifying toner helps remove whatever micro impurities the wash and scrub missed, leaving my pores able to breathe.
• The oil free moisturiser helps restore the moisture I removed when I washed my face, but it is so light that it doesn't clog my pores.

I have noticed a reduction in the amount of pimples I had before I started, and the intensity of the spots left by past pimples has also decreased.

The result is fresh, clean, glowing spot free skin.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Making our own summer

It's currently winter in Durban, but when the sun comes out, we make our own summer.

Here's one of the delicious smoothies we make when the sun is out.

Ingredients :
1 Banana
Pineapple chunks
1 carrot
Lemon slice
1 cup of soy milk

Blend together and enjoy.

I had one of these yesterday and it filled me up the whole day.

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Love and good vibes always.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Lost Soul

"My head is an out of order jumble my mind is like an African jungle amidst all this confusion and despair
Is a chance to get some air
As i breath in the rejuvenating scents of nature
I get a whiff of something different something manly and mature"

A little something I've been working on. It's not complete yet, so stay tuned for more.

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Thanks for reading

Love and good vibes always

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Light and delicious

Tonight I got pampered by being served this delicious light stir fry dinner.


Potatoes, peeled and chopped
Mushrooms, sliced
Peppers, sliced with the seeds removed
Onion, finely sliced
A few sprigs of fresh Parsley, finely chopped
Spices to flavour
Peach Chutney to flavour
Tomato, chopped
Various Ground Peppercorns


Potato mash; Boil your potatoes until soft, season with salt, chopped parsley, ground peppercorns, drain any excess water, mash until you get a consistency you like, set aside.

Stir fry; Heat your oil in a pan, add your onions and saute until soft, add the rest of your chopped veggies, season with ground peppercorns, and spices,  reduce the heat and let the pot simmer for 10 minutes, add a teaspoon of chutney, stir and simmer for 5 more minutes.

Serve the stir fry on your bed of mash, top with a sprig of parsley as a garnish and enjoy.

Try this recipe out and let me know how it turned out for you in the comments below.

What are some of your favourite stir fry recipes?

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Friday, 2 June 2017

Self love is the best love.

From when I was young, people made fun of me. I was always the odd one out. When I was younger I was "too thin", in my teenage years I was " too fat". People were never satisfied. This made it hard for me to love myself as I am, but I never wished I looked like everyone.
I refused to let people who were mean or ignorant bring me down. I realised that I had to love myself and stop feeling bad or insecure over what people thought about me. 
I wasn’t always confident. I was shy and scared to make friends. 
I became confident when I started pursuing art. I made friends who accepted me for who I am. Even though they didn’t have the same body image issues as me, some of them used to struggle with their confidence and had a hard time accepting their looks. They made me feel accepted. I also got to realise that every girl is unique and that we all have our own insecurities...even the smartest or most beautiful girl you know doesn’t always feel confident. 
Now when I see a girl who is a little shy, or teased for well, being human,  I always encourage them to get a support structure. Love and accept yourself as you are, we are all beautiful in our own way. 
How do you deal with self confidence issues?
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Love and good vibes always

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Kicking desk snooze.

If you suffer from desk snooze these healthy tricks can help

Do you struggle to concentrate? It’s time to make changes to some of your daily habits so you can get the most out of your day!

Breakfast for your brain.

For you to have the best start to your day, you need a breakfast full of nutrients that will give you energy. A good breakfast will ensure that you’re sitting up and listening in class.

Kick the thirst.

Your body needs water to be able to feed your brain cells. If you don’t drink enough water you’ll become tired and unable to function properly. Stay away from cool drinks and stay hydrated with water throughout the day.

Don't forget to drop your comments on how you beat desk snooze below in the comment section.

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Thank you for reading. I hope these help you.

Love and good vibes always

Monday, 29 May 2017

Take care of your body with these easy tricks.

Between work, chores and socialising, there’s just no time to focus on keeping your body healthy. These easy tricks and tips sort me out, I hope they do the same for you.

Sweat it out

Exercising gives you energy and clears your mind. If you're not a runner or a jogger, try power walking, by going on a fast paced walk for at least 20 minutes. Only do what your body can manage. Remember to avoid unsafe areas.

Make sure sleep is a priority

Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep to improve your memory, keep your mind fresh and give your brain time to switch off and rest.

Eat healthy food

Food gives you the nutrients you need to maintain a strong immune system. You get them in fruits and vegetables. Try to grow your own vegetables at home to save money. Avoid sugary and fatty foods.

When your body speaks, listen.

Your body has many ways of telling you if there’s something wrong. If you keep experiencing pain and discomfort, it might be time to see a doctor or go to the clinic for a check-up. Don’t wait before the pain gets worse before getting help.

Slow down

Don’t take on too many activities all at once. Have a timetable of what to do, and when. Find an activity that will enable you to stop and calm down, try yoga or meditation. I have found them to work well for me.

What tricks do you use to keep healthy? Leave them in a comment below.

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Love and good vibes always.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Lipstick staying power.

No one wants to apply lipstick only to have it wear off in a couple of hours. We spend so much time on makeup the last thing we need to do is reapply lipstick every few hours.  Getting the most wear from your favorite lipstick is a must.

Here are some alternative ways of extending your lipstick lasting time.

Exfoliate – This removes all the dead skin from your lips leaving new skin cells to grow in their place. This helps keep your lips soft . You can easily do this by combining equal parts of sugar and honey and using a toothbrush to gently scrub your lips. Do this once or twice a week to keep your lips soft and kissable.

Lip Balm – Before applying makeup put on a thin coat of lip balm of your choice. This will get your lips moisturized and keep them from looking dry and cracked. When you are ready to apply your lip products make sure to gently wipe off any excess lip balm.

Lipliner – Using your favorite lipliner,  begin at the Cupid’s Bow of the upper lip and trace the outer part of your lips. Once the lips are lined you use the same liner pencil to fill them in. This will lay the foundation for the lipstick you apply on top.

Lipstick – Use a lip brush to put on the lipstick instead of applying it directly from the tube. Using a brush allows the color to really get into the lip and helps it stay longer. Dip the lipbrush into the lipstick, and pack the color onto the lips to get a sort of stained effect. Take a tissue and blot your lips a couple of times to really press the color into your lips, when done blotting apply a second coat of color.

Concealer – To help clean up around the lips and give them a clean edge, use a concealer like MAC Studio Concealer to clean up the edges.

Having amazing lips with color that will last is easy, these simple steps will make sure your lips stay looking their best all night.

I hope these help you, don't forget to leave a comment below and let me know.

What tricks do you use?

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Love and good vibes always

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